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  • Transferring of Tuition to a specific parent

    I have tuition amounts to be transferred to a parent from a child, but it automatically goes to the father,...

  • Claiming of spousal income

    My client's wife does her own tax return, but has received the Universal Child Tax Credit.  On S2 there is...

  • Universal Child Tax Credit Qualifying

    I have a client that has a son born in 2005 that is not receiving the UCCB for the 2015 year.  Is this...

  • HBP with no RRSP purchase

    I have a client that has a HBP that did not purchase any RRSP in 2015.  I now have an error when trying to...

  • Setting up Client Explorer

    I have gone in and set up the Client Explorer in Profile, but all of my clients are not listed.  I watched...

  • entering amounts for spouse when not filing together

    I have a client that is married, and his wife has already filed her taxes.  I just need to enter in her...

  • student residence claims & transfer of unused education amounts

    For a student with residence fees  -  do you claim the full amount they paid for residence on the ONBEN at...

  • deleting unwanted forms

    By mistake the form T2125-2 was created as a second business for a client.  He does has a business but the...

  • Capital Cost Allowance

    I am entering a client's new vehicle into the business tax return.  First, if this is a second vehicle, do...

  • Uploading tax returns from a different tax program

    I have used Turbo Tax in the past to prepare income taxes.  How do I upload those tax returns into Profile...

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I have been a bookkeeper for about 15 years. During these 15 plus years, I have worked at a Small Bookkeeping office preparing Income Taxes, and looking after various company books, along with being an in-house Assistant in the Accounting Department.  I recently opened my own Bookkeeping Business as my full time job.

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