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  • Intuit ProFile Alert - Please read

    Intuit ProFile Alert - Please read: Please be aware that we will be closed on May 15th to allow our...

  • CRA Data Import - Tax Data Delivery (TDD) is now available.

    ================== Never post your license key, customer number or any other sensitive information. Hiraa |...

  • Import Revenue Quebec Data through ProFile T1 module

    RQ Data Import is now available for use through the ProFile T1 module. ================== Never post your...

  • Duplicate DCN number

    We’ve addressed the duplicate DCN issue for coupled and family linked returns in R3.5 However, there is...

  • TDD - CRA Data Import.

    CRA Data Import  - TDD (Tax Data Delivery) is unavailable due to technical difficulties. CRA is currently...

  • Intermittent phone issues

    We are currently experiencing intermittent phone issues across all of the Intuit networks. We apologize for...

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