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  • Draft watermark - still showing

    I still see the watermark on Schedule A & B and it is already past mid-March. Is it like this every year?

  • BC Basic sales tax credit - Profile's miscalculation?

    My clients came to Canada in 2018 and did not have any income in Canada but had income outside Canada...

  • NR4 return question

    My client is the agent with non-resident account number and remits withholding taxes to CRA, and asked me...

  • Line 11905 - EI maternity and parental benefits

    Some clients with EI benefits brought a letter from ESDC so I entered the amount on Line 11905. Is this for...

  • Difference between T4 and RL-1

    My client sent me T4 for Quebec income and RL-1 slip. The QPP pensionable earnings (Box 26 of T4) is the...

  • T1-OVP Profile calculation error

    I'm re-posting my question and trying my luck My client over-contributed RRSP in April 2019 and withdrew...

  • T1-OVP - calculation error

    My client over-contributed RRSP in April 2019 and withdrew the excess in June 2019. On T1-OVP, I entered...

  • Support payments - register?

    My client divorced and began to receive support payments (spousal+child) based on agreement before coming...

  • 2019 T1 - Authorize a representative

    I selected Default level 2 and business number for authorize a representative on Module for 2019 T1 but...

  • Auto-fill my return for T2

    I'm prepraing 2019 T2 return (July year end) and used auto-fill my return service but the 2019 RC...

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