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  • T1135 Amendment question

    My client provided extra information about 2018 foreign income so I need to adjust the T1 & T1135. My...

  • T2 Schedule 19 Non-resident shareholder information

    For S19, should I record all classes of shares including voting and non-voting or voting shares only?

  • Phone number and date of change of marital status

    I wonder if phone number and date of change of marital status on info page get transmitted to CRA. If...

  • Scholarship question (T4A)

    My client has a T2202A ($2,000 tuition, part-time student) and T4A ($12,000) for his scholarship related to...

  • Employment expense - how much auto expenses to claim?

    My client received fixed allowance totalling $6,000 in 2018 and the amount was included in T4. He has a...

  • Left Canada and became separated in the same year

    My client became a non-resident in August 2018 and became separated in October 2018, and now I'm preparing...

  • Partnership business number on T2125

    Is this same as CRA business number? I recorded the business number on the top but there is still a warning...

  • Foreign tax credit

    My client has both foreign rental income and capital gain on sale of foreign real estate, and paid foreign...

  • Spousal amount in the year of separation

    I read that you can claim spousal amount in the year of separation based on her net income up to the date...

  • Non-resident claiming a spousal amount

    When both spouses are non-residents, can one spouse claim spousal amount on a tax return for...

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