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  • How to amend T2 return

    I haven't filed an amended T2 return before and now I need to do one. My understanding is as follows: -...

  • Date of status change

    On Info, there is a box where we can record the date of change for marital status. Does this info go to CRA...

  • Final T4 return

    I just filed a final T2 for my client's business and CRA requires that a final T4 return (2018) also be...

  • Discrepancy for CPP on 2017 T1

    I prepared a 2017 T1 for a non-resident. I just found out that there is a discrepancy for CPP between line...

  • Just updated Profile and can't open a file

    Just updated my Profile and tried to open a T2 datafile with June 22, 2018 year ending but I see two error...

  • Reporting sale of goodwill in 2018 on T2

    Regarding the sale of goodwill in 2018, I recorded the capital gain on S6 (Other properties). For CDA...

  • Non-resident spouse - info page

    I read Profile suggestion regarding a return for a non-resident spouse but I still have an issue. It says...

  • Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB) for a non-resident

    If I have a non-resident spouse who does not file an income tax return in Canada, can I still apply for...

  • RC72 (discounting) question

    The calculated refund amount was $200 but due to a recent owing, the client's actual refund amount is nil....

  • How do I efile 2013 T1? I don't see "Efile this return" Should I choose other option? Thank you

    How do I efile 2013 T1?

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