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  • How do I efile 2013 T1? I don't see "Efile this return" Should I choose other option? Thank you

    How do I efile 2013 T1?


    I'm using Profile and just updated it. Now Suddenly I see an error msg popping up "Index was outside the...

  • Canadian subsidiary owned by a foreign corporation

    If a foreign corp (private) creates a Canadian subsidiary (BC corp), what is the type of corporation? Is it...

  • Foreign address on T1 (non-resident return)

    My client is a non-resident and the mailing address is South Korea. On Info, I put the address on Street...

  • T3 summary & slips return

    I efiled T3 summary & slips. How can I confirm the filing status on Profile?  I went to "Properties"...

  • 2017 T3 Trust income tax and information return

    Can the efile for T3 trust income tax return? It has taxable income but no balance nor refund.

  • T1 PAD question

    For 2017, my client completed Part G - PAD agreement. I guess I still have to get the banking info from him...

  • Taxable vs Non-taxable annual union due

    Why are they divided into taxable and non-taxable?? They provide same result and if it is taxable, it would...

  • Help on tax on split income (T1206)

    I'm trying to calculate how much tax a dividend (split income) would cause. Say 30K other than eligible...

  • T1134 on Profile

    Where is T1134 on T1 Profile? Can I E-file T1134 for T1?

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