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  • Principal residence on S3

    Do I need to report spousal rollover of principal residence on divorce or death? Thank you

  • Cost of Class 14.1 asset

    My client sold some intangible assets in 2016 and the ending CEC balance was negative (and therefore...

  • how to show business number and year end date on the printout

    Hi When I print out T2 return, I see company name on the top but not business number and year end date....

  • Cost of inherited foreign real property

    If I inherited a foreign real property and paid $10K for the inheritance tax in that country, can I add it...

  • PR exemption on sale of laneway house in Vancouver

    If I build a laneway house on the land of my principal residence and keep it empty or have my family member...

  • Ski & Snowboard instructor test

    Can I claim ski or snowboard instructor test fees in any way on T1?

  • Principal residence on title transfer

    My clients (spouses) purchased a house (co-ownership) in 2015. In 2016, they did a title transfer, so one...

  • T1135 - Questions

    I need to file T1135 forms for stocks for non resident corporation. For a stock trading account (through a...

  • Sale of shares by non-resident

    My client reported deemed dispositions on Canadian and US public shares when he became a non-resident. If...

  • Sale of goodwill on S10 (sale before 2017)

    This was a sale of G/W in 2016 and the details are as follows: - Beginning CEC=164,000, POD=270,000, CEC...

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