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  • "Workstation reinstall" - nope

    Am I going to have to reinstall my Profile completely? When I checked the What's New? about the latest...

  • T1044 efile or mail?

    The T1044 -Non-Profit Organization Information Return is now part of the T2 package. When I efile the T2...

  • Does the refundable medical expense supplement calculation on the Other Credits schedule work? I would explain why I am asking, but this system will not let me do that.

    (What a crappy system!!) I believe my client qualifies for the credit. But this section on the Other...

  • Duplicate Document Control Number

    Today I tried to efile a husband and wife. I successfully efiled the husband, but the efile for the wife...

  • T5 printing - legal size paper?

    This year for the first time, my Profile FX is forcing my T5 supplementary slips onto legal paper. This is...

  • Why have you messed with my PrimoPDF printing?

    I print many returns of all types to pdf in order to send to my clients. Profile has now changed the way...

  • Efiling T5013 - what gets sent to CRA ?

    I would like to efile my client's T5013 for the first time. There are two main components to consider, one...

  • Profile automatically opens browser to "Your Feed" page

    Every time I open Profile software, my Chrome browser opens and jumps to the "Your Feed" page in this...

  • Better communications please

    I am ready to efile T4 slips for at least 10 clients. I have spent a couple hours trying to figure out why...

  • Internet File T4 slips

    I plan to internet file T4s and T5s for clients this year, whenever possible. I have what may seem to be a...

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