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  • Rental back to Personal use

    Have someone that contacted me and he had moved out of province for 10 years and rented his house. He has...

  • How is Every bodies tax season going so far ? Are you looking forward to May 1st ? :)

    Been a long year and only just begun > Thought May 1st could not come fast enough but just saw someone...

  • RRSP carry forward using AFR ?

    Using auto fill and find a LOT of my clients are being brought forward (some large amounts) of RRSP amounts...

  • Disability Tax Credit for Children not showing up

    Has anybody else noticed that since the last update the CCB for a child with the Disability Tax Credit is...

  • Double Standard ?

    Wondering if anybody else is concerned with the "double standard " ?  Just received my renewal email and...

  • Anybody else get this Email or SCAM ?

    So -I get this Email Tuesday night at 11PM                                                             "We...

  • unable to Efile

    anybody else having trouble filing today ? getting a message that server is down

  • Why is profile requesting T1135 ?

    Ticked box with "no investments over $100,000"  however on all my returns they are not eligible until you...

  • anybody having problems sending T1013 still ?

    T1013 still not be allowed to send. Getting a message from profile that "the service you are trying to...

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