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  • Line 62140 low income subsidy on ON

    Just had a client contact me that refund was smaller than what was told. After going through...

  • invoice resetting to earlier number

    my computer crashed when power went out and was at invoice number 485 or so and when computer restarted it...

  • CRA shut down ??

    With the Virus scare, has there been any suggestions of CRA being shut down ? I know the Military bases...

  • something weird going on

    Went to check to see if an idea on refund and each one is listed as "reassessment in progress "----last...

  • CRA down already

    WOW---i gave them until NOON before crashing the system :(

  • latest update still has 2 "DRAFT" forms

    Version 3.0 which is to be the "FINAL" draft still is showing 2 forms  "PLAN 1 and PLAN 2 that are in draft...


    Wondering if anybody at PROFILE is either AWARE OR CARES that the majority of us are basically SHUT DOWN...

  • NEW--Ontario Child credit

    been doing some with this new credit--has this been confirmed ? Hate telling clients they are getting such...

  • Rental back to Personal use

    Have someone that contacted me and he had moved out of province for 10 years and rented his house. He has...

  • How is Every bodies tax season going so far ? Are you looking forward to May 1st ? :)

    Been a long year and only just begun > Thought May 1st could not come fast enough but just saw someone...

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Owner of Tax Prep office that does around 1,400 returns a year.

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