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  • Eligible dependant credit for both parents

    If I lived with my senior parents with no income and supported them but the house title is under my...

  • Amending and cancelling T5's at the same time

    I need to amend one T5 slip and cancel one T5 slip, so I changed the report code to 'A' and 'C'. And I...

  • First aid / CPR course

    Can a ski instructor (on T4) claim first aid & CPR course fees as tuition? The courses were required...

  • Donation slips and student loan interest not reported last year

    My client didn't report donation slips and student loan interest for 2015. There was no tax anyways due to...

  • Two RC62 slips. What should I do?

    Has two RC62 slips: $1,600 for one spouse and $240 for the other. Should I enter $1,840 on box 10? Both...

  • RRSP contribution not reported

    If RRSP contribution (First 60 days of 2016) was not reported on 2015, can I put it on 2016 T1 under "First...

  • "Do you want to change your address?" for 2016 T1

    I see this question on 2016 T1 info page. I'm not sure why Profile added this line. If I clicked No but...

  • Any way to import client summary?

    Is there any way to import data from client summary page at CRA website? (rrsp limit, carry over amounts)

  • Still draft watermark on T1

    I still see draft watermark on Statement of World income. I updated my Profile just now. Do I have to wait...

  • ONBEN form question

    First time preparing T1 for ON tax credit. For someone who lived in a student residence, I clicked 6118...

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