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  • T1135 - Questions

    I need to file T1135 forms for stocks for non resident corporation. For a stock trading account (through a...

  • Sale of shares by non-resident

    My client reported deemed dispositions on Canadian and US public shares when he became a non-resident. If...

  • Sale of goodwill on S10 (sale before 2017)

    This was a sale of G/W in 2016 and the details are as follows: - Beginning CEC=164,000, POD=270,000, CEC...

  • First-time home buyer

    First time home buyer requirement: 4 year period - did not occupy a home Does this apply to a foreign home...

  • Foreign tax paid on principal residence

    If I designate a house in a foreign country as my principal residence on the sale,  is there any way I can...

  • Children's arts credit - religious school fees

    Can we claim religious school fees (buddhist or christian school) paid for a child  under Children's arts?...

  • Part year residents plus spousal credit transfer

    - This couple came to Canada in 2016 (part year residents).  - The husband had income before he came...

  • Eligible dependant credit for both parents

    If I lived with my senior parents with no income and supported them but the house title is under my...

  • Amending and cancelling T5's at the same time

    I need to amend one T5 slip and cancel one T5 slip, so I changed the report code to 'A' and 'C'. And I...

  • First aid / CPR course

    Can a ski instructor (on T4) claim first aid & CPR course fees as tuition? The courses were required...

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