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  • Does pension splitting affect future GIS payments

    A widow (as of 2018) just asked me if the pension splitting that I did between her and her late husband's...

  • HST Offices down too

    This is just a comment, not a question. The CRA shutdown is department-wide, not merely confined to efile...

  • Child tax benefit being shifted by Profile

    Twice in the last week, I've found that Profile is automatically selecting the father, and principal...

  • This is not a question, just a reminder that EFILE is now open for business. My tax returns have been humming along this morning with no problem

  • Need more detailed REFILE instructions

    I need to refile a client's return to correct a faulty T4 slip provided by the client. All the relevant...

  • Instant CRA assessments

    The new CRA option to get instant CRA assessments and Notice of Assessment faster is going to cause me a...

  • Print size variation

    I'm having a problem with the font size varying from one tax return to another. Half the time I seem to get...

  • T183 Check-offs Not Evident

    Can the T183 form colour bars be toned down for future releases? I find that the green is so intense that...

  • Customized letter templates

    I customize the Profile letter templates each year. This is getting to be a bit of a pain as there are an...

  • Could this be an email scam?

    An email popped into my inbox which has all the earmarks of a scan. Purportedly it is coming from CRA and...

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