• Totals not being calculated in Schedule 6 on the T3010 (FX module)

    From the article: Issue When filling out information on the T3010 in the FX module, lines 4200 and 4350 are not calculating totals in Schedule 6. Schedule 6 on the T3010 form, both the lines 4200 and 4350 are not adding the totals, though their description states that

  • Allocate Multiple Jurisdiction income on T5013 slip

    From the article: To allocate Partnership Income to more than one province in a Multiple Jurisdiction situation: Launch  ProFile FX module to either prepare a brand new partnership return or to carry forward an existing return to prepare the next year-end T5013 slips.

  • Transfer Medical Expenses

    From the article: Optimize Medical Expenses The Medical Expense form automatically shares information between coupled returns.

  • Immigrants prorate non-refundable tax credits Part year residents

    From the article: The following addresses when a part-year resident of Canada needs to prorate non-refundable tax credits, and what changed in ProFile to handle these situations.

  • How to fill out the AT1 AEDI form

    From the article: Issue The fields on the "AT1 EDI Schedule" are mandatory and must be filled before the AT1 can undergo net file to the Government of Alberta.

  • Entering a 5-digit U.S. zip code into a Canadian postal code field

    From the article: Issue It is necessary to enter a 5-digit U.S. zip code into a Canadian postal code field.... Resolution The format override feature is used to change the default formatting for a particular field.

  • T4RIF or T4RSP Transfer in ProFile T1 or Transfer under Section 60(L)

    From the article: Scenario A T4RIF or T4RSP is transferred from a deceased spouse and the taxpayer is over 71.... Resolution Enter the RIF amount being transferred to spouse on the OtherDeduct form - Line 232.

  • T776 is not splitting the income and expenses between spouses (T1 module)

    From the article: Issue For most cases in form T776 with co-ownership, the taxpayers will split evenly at 50% each.... An issue may occur with line 9936, however, which is the CCA for the year.

  • T1 module does not have a form related to NR4 (Non-Resident) Income

    From the article: Note: ProFile customers should contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to facilitate this process.... Only in some occasional circumstances will the following instructions be applicable to ProFile customers.

  • Getting spousal credit after uncoupling the return

    From the article: Issue Even after marital status is changed to "Single", the "Separated" or "Divorced" spousal amounts are being transferred.