• Unable to Internet file a CO-17 from the T2 module

    From the article: Description This error is usually caused when ProFile cannot convert the CO-17 into a PDF in order to Internet file the form.

  • Cannot print the disclaimer from ProFile

    From the article: Description When printing the T1 Jacket or or Business statements the disclaimer does not appear   Ensure box 490 is checked on the bottom of the T1 jacket Note: To set box 490 to be checked as a default option, go to Options > Module > Tax year T1/T

  • When trying to create a PDF the following error occurs: ProFile failed to create the PDF files

    From the article: Description   This error can occur if the PDF is open in another application.... Example: a web browser, another app, PDF viewer, etc.

  • WinINet error:12029 A connection with the server could not be established

    From the article: Description Receiving a "WinINet error:12029, A connection with the server could not be established" error when adding a license in ProFile   If the Entitlement Client is corrupt, it will cause ProFile to generate this error.

  • Create client auto-reminders in Intuit ProConnect Link

    From the article: Description The auto-reminder feature gives accountants the ability to quickly setup and send auto-reminders to clients with missing data.

  • Flexible Licensing Option "Unselects" Itself

    From the article: After configuring flexible licensing and exiting the settings window, the setting ?unselects? itself when returning to the settings window.

  • OnePay Articles and Troubleshooting

    From the article: What is OnePay?... OnePay is a one-time license that allows a ProFile customer to file a single T1, T2, or T3 return.

  • Auto expenses claims on business statements is not including the CCA amounts

    From the article: CCA calculations on automobiles has been modified to conform with the changes of the Canada Revenue Agency business forms.

  • Can the date be locked for invoices in ProFile?

    From the article: The date flows from the Signing date field of the info page under the filing section.... If the current date is not wanted on the invoice, override the Signing date to the desired date.

  • Where to enter a Restricted Farm Loss on a T2

    From the article: The designation box for this, is similar to the designation box on the Self-Employment form in the T1 module is found on Schedule 1 below the line, "Net farming income (loss) included above".