• Transferring donations to a spouse

    From the article: To transfer donations to a spouse, you must have a coupled return .   1.... Open the coupled return.... 2.... Navigate to the "Donations" form.

  • Printer selections ignored by ProFile when printing T2 (2015-2018)

    From the article: Issue Designated printer selections are ignored by ProFile when printing T2 (2015-2018).... The printing defaults instead to the first printer found on the list.

  • T2 barcode prints as a separate job when a non-default printer is set

    From the article: Issue When ProFile is set to print to a physical printer other than the default printer, the T2 barcode prints as a separate job.

  • Information imported through AFR to TY15 returns

    From the article: Auto-fill my return (AFR) Summary Section     Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)     Home Buyers Plan (HBP),     Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP)     Instalments Client Data Enquiry (CDE) for EFILE software products only Carryovers section     Non

  • Recommended use of RQ Import and Auto-fill my Return (AFR) for Quebec residency clients

    From the article: Issue For RQ Import and Auto-fill my Return (AFR) usage, ProFile strongly recommends following the guidelines below to prevent duplicate entries being imported into a client's tax return.

  • Auto-fill my Return (AFR) Launch from Hub

    From the article: The Auto-fill my Return (AFR) process requires a completed T1013 form; preparers will be prompted to confirm a T1013 has been signed by the client(s).

  • Title bar of the "Auto-fill my Return" (AFR) window is cut off

    From the article: Issue When trying to access the "Auto-fill my Return" (AFR) window in the T1 module, the title bar may be cut off at the top of the screen: Resolution Rearranging the Task Bar Rearrange the task bar by moving it to the top of the screen.

  • Auto-Fill my Return (AFR) data not importing for spousal returns

    From the article: Issue When using the AFR service for a spousal return, the data does not import if the representative lacks authorization for both individuals.

  • CRA is eliminating "SEND" function, renaming "CRA Data Import" function

    From the article: Originally, CRA had the System for the Electronic Notification of Debt (SEND) service, which allows authorized discounters to send requests through their software, to obtain information about any outstanding debts their client may have, which might a

  • Net Capital Loss is incorrectly imported into ProFile

    From the article: Issue When using the Auto-Fill My Return feature, the Net Capital Loss is not being imported correctly.