After purchasing a license for ProFile, customers may encounter several different errors.

Issue: License error occurred: No activateable units. Total activateable units equals 2. Activated units equal 2.

This error results from the license being activated the maximum number of times allowed.


ProFile user needs to purchase a new license or use Flexible licensing.

Issue: License error occurred: Invalid combination.

This error may result from a customer entering their product licence into a version of ProFile without the corresponding tax year included (e.g., entering a 2018 product license into a version of version of ProFile that only includes 2017 modules).


Update ProFile to the most recent version.

Issue: A ProFile license is corrupted

Note: C++ is not associated with this error.

1. Open Windows Explorer.

2. Enter %programdata% in the address field.

The contents of the ProgramData folder displays:

User-added image
3. Rename the folder “GreenPoint” to “GreenPoint-old”.

Note: the .NET may need to be repaired or other connectivity issues resolution may apply. These may include the firewall, internet options, antivirus settings, and more.

Review the article “How to set up Internet Options if receiving error message when transmitting a return to CRA” to resolve access setting issues.