Some forms can have unlimited copies, such as the T2125 (business statements) in ProFile T1. These forms have a "#" sign behind the name in the Form Explorer (e.g., T2125#).

There are two ways to create additional copies of these forms: 

  1. In the Form Explorer, highlight the form name and click the "New" button.

  2. If the form is active in the "Edit" window, right-click and select the "New form" option from the context-sensitive menu.

Note : If you wish to remove one of these forms from the client's data file, select the "Delete Form" option from the "Delete" toolbar menu. You must have at least ONE of each of these forms in the software at all times.

For example, you cannot delete ALL the Loan forms. If the data in the last remaining form is irrelevant, simply use the "Clear form" command from the "Form" menu. 

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