Use the Report feature to print data from ProFile.

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Getting Started

1. In ProFile, open the Client Explorer (Go to the Goto menu and select Client Explorer or press F3 on the keyboard)

2. Click the Filter button to display the filter pane in the Client Explorer

3. Select the tab or module and filter the specific year for the query you would like to run and then click on Apply Filters


The query applies only to returns of a single type (Example: 2015 T1 Returns). To display only the files matching the query criteria, clear the other modules checkboxes to remove those client files from the list. The prior years should also be cleared.
Hint: right clicking the module such as the T1 and then selecting Clear All, allows all years to be cleared, facilitating to select a single year.

4. Go to the Database menu and Select All

5. Go to the Database menu and choose Print Report

6. Click on Options


The Fields tab allows column headings to be created

1. Click on the top cell in the top row.

2. To change/enter the heading of a column, click in the text field located in the bottom left of the Report Options window.
     For example,

3. Click on the bottom cell

4. Click on Pick to choose the field to be displayed



Selecting Data

1. Click in an empty cell below the column heading
2. Click on the Pick button to choose from a list of key field codes
        - Like the column headings, the format can be set on the field code cells ? which formats the data in the printed report)

Click in the cell to be formatted, and then click Properties

Adding a Row or a Column

When there is no blank cell available, new columns or rows can be entered

1. Use the arrow buttons to move the cursor along the rows and columns of the report

2. Click the Add button to create a row or a column after the last one

3. Click the Insert button to place a new row or column according to your cursor position

Saving and Printing

1. Click on Save to save the options before running the report

2. Click on OK

3. On the main Database dialogue window, click on Print Reports

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