The T1013 form, Authorizing or Cancelling a Representative is used to authorize a representative to access a taxpayer?s tax information through the CRA. The taxpayer can grant access to a person, a group or a business. To grant a group online access, the GroupID number must appear correctly in Part 2 of T1013.

The T1013 can be completed either manually or automatically by ProFile for the purpose of authorizing a representative for the tax payer with CRA. The T1013 is submitted to the Government of Canada separately from the T1 return - the option is under the EFILE menu, EFILE the T1013 for this tax payer?

ProFile lets you enter preparer's credentials under Options > Environment > Preparer, which then populated into Part 2 (both sections A and B) of the form.

The T1013 also has two levels of authorization: Level 1 allows CRA to disclose information to the representative. Level 2 allows CRA to disclose information to the representative and the representative to request change. For more details, see page 2 of the T1013.

Manually populating the information

1. Choose the purpose of the form

2. The Tax Payer information in Part 1 is automatically populated from the Info page

3. The preparer can choose
Part 2, A: the preparer can choose who is getting granted authorization
Part 2, B: the preparer can choose to authorize by phone, person or in writing

4. Parts 3, 4 & 5 have to be filled manually

Setting default options through the software options

Most of the T1013 can be automatically filled from the Options menu > Module. Under Carry Forward and New Files there are options which automatically fills out the purpose of the form, Representative information and authorization - including the level of authorization.

As above, Parts 3, 4 & 5 have to be filled manually.

EFILING the T1013

Once the form is completed, go to EFILE and choose EFILE the T1013 for this taxpayer. The form can only be transmitted if Part 2 A has been selected.

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