The dependant's return is being omitted when carrying forward a family Cantax return: only the spouse's returns are being carried forward correctly.

This issue affects the T1/TP1 module.   


   1. Open the Cantax application.

   2. Open the return by selecting the taxpayer's name in the top-right corner's drop-down menu (e.g., "Andreas, Adrian"):
User-added image

   3. Open the dependant's form (e.g., "Andreas, Ash").

   4. Identify the question "Process dependant's return together?" in the "Dependant Information" section:
User-added image

   5. Click in the box to confirm the processing of the returns together.

A confirmation box displays:

User-added image

   6. Click the "OK" button; the dependant's file is saved to a new file and can now be carried forward into ProFile.

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