To enter T-slip information for the following tax year:

  1. Create or open the ProFile FX file for the current tax year.

  2. Press <F4> to open the forms window.

  3.  Enter the type of form to have data entered in into the search field; press <Enter>.

  4. Scroll down to the carry forward details section.

  5. Enter the data to carry forward for the next year's return; click the Save button.

ProFile automatically transfers the amounts from the details section at the bottom of the current year's form to the following year's form.

This method can also help you get a head start on entering data for the January payroll deadline. If you already have payroll information, you do not need to wait for the new module to arrive. Even starting with the recipients? personal data can save you valuable time when it counts?it will all carry forward.

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