Customers are encountering a licensing error message when exiting ProFile:
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"ProgramData" is a hidden folder; it is necessary to search and identify it. 

  1. Close ProFile. 

  2. Open a Windows "Explorer" window. 

  3. Enter the term  %programdata% in the folder search bar and press "Enter":
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The "ProgramData" folder displays.

Select the "GreenPoint" folder.
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  4. Rename all files in the "GreenPoint" folder with the ".ecml" designation to "[FILENAME]_old.ecml".

  5. Rename the file "gp.dat" in the directory to "gp_old.dat".

  6. Rename the folder titled "BackupFiles" to "BackupFiles_old".

  7. Open ProFile. 

  8. Re-enter the license key previously attempted. The license is accepted and a green checkmark displays as confirmation.