Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Workpapers work with TurboTax Business Incorporated?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Does Workpapers work with Non-Incorporated Businesses?

A: There is no GIFI import into the T1 return option at this time for Non-Incorporated Businesses.

Accessing Workpapers

1. Log into your QBOA account.

2. Select your client’s books from the “Go to client’s QuickBooks” menu:

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3. Click the “toolbox” icon in the top menu bar and select the “Workpapers” option:

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4. Select the applicable tax year for export (for example, “2019”):

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5. Click the “Tax mapping” option:

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6. Common accounts are automatically associated with a GIFI code. Review all GIFI codes and adjust as necessary.

7. Complete the “NOT MAPPED” section:

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8. Click the “pencil” icon and adjust any of the tax mappings.

9. Use the dropdown to select the correct the GIFI code. You can also quickly search for tax mappings by key words (for example, “payable”):

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10. Select the “Export GIFI file” option under the “Choose tax option” drop-down menu:

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A GIFI file saves to the hard drive for import into ProFile.

Importing the GIFI from ProFile

1. Select the "QBOA Import" option from the "File" drop-down menu in the top toolbar:

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The “Import file” window displays:

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2. Select the file to import and click the “Open” button.

The file imports:

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3. Click the "OK" button; the process completes.

Printing from Workpapers

1. Navigate to the “Workpapers” tab.

2. Click the “printer” button to print the trial balance with GIFI mappings:

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