About Canada Caregiver Amount

The Canada caregiver amount has replace the family caregiver amount. This amount is set at $2,150 for 2017.

The following fields have been added:
  • 304 Canada caregiver amount for spouse or common-law partner, or eligible dependent age 18 or older
  • 307 Canada caregiver amount for other infirm dependents age 18 or older
The following fields have been deleted:
  • 306 Amount for infirm dependents age 18 or older
  • 315 Caregiver amount
Learn more about CRA changes to Caregiver amount.

Does a dependant qualify for disability amount?

You can choose to claim the disability amount for this dependant by entering "Yes" in this field. If the dependant file is linked to with the taxpayer, the answer to this question flows from the answer to the "Claim disability amount?" question on the dependant's "Info" form. The text color in this field will display as purple.

If the dependent is under the age of 18, ProFile automatically calculates the disability supplement for dependants under 18 when you select "Yes" in this field.

Is the dependant mentally or physically infirmed?

When you select "Yes" in the disability amount field, the answer to this field automatically becomes "Yes" and the text color turns blue, because a person with a disability is by nature mentally or physically infirmed. However, if you select "No" in the disability amount field, you can still indicate that a person is mentally or physically infirmed.

For dependants aged 18 and over, ProFile uses this information to calculate line 306 of the T1 jacket based on the information provided in this section.

Determining percentage and amount claimed on Schedule 5:

Once ProFile calculates the amount for infirmed dependents on Schedule 5, the amount displays on the Dependent form. ProFile automatically decides whether to claim the amount on the spouse or on the taxpayer's return in order to produce the best results. However, you can modify the percentage claimed by the taxpayer or spouse in this section. If the taxpayer claims 100% of the credit, the spouse claims none and vice-versa.

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