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Keeping you and your clients safe with electronic signature options...

By this time, you will have received communications from the CRA outlining a temporary measure that helps you gather electronic signatures from your clients (T183, Information Return for Electronic Filing of an Individual's Income Tax and Benefit Return, and the T183CORP).  

This is all in service towards keeping you and your customers safe through social distancing. We continue to partner with CRA to help navigate and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your customers, your staff, yourself and your business.

In service to helping you gather your client’s authorization we wanted to take a moment to outline a couple of quick ways you can remotely gather your customers signature using:

-Readily available solutions in the market

Our goal is to ensure that we provide you the means to gather your customers’ signatures safely and securely in a cost effective manner.


With ProFile you can create password-protected PDFs of a T183 that may be emailed to your customer for authorization: simply have your customers sign the document and email the PDF or an image of the signed PDF back to you. If possible, to help protect your customer data please try to mask the first five digits of the Social Insurance Number (SIN)*. To find out how to create and email password-protected PDF’s, review our support article:

Readily Available Solutions:

If you are a current subscriber of document management solutions like Box™ or DropBox™ you can upload a PDF of your client’s T183 it to a secure folder. Invite your client to access and collect the document from their folder. Once signed, have your customer upload the PDF or image of the PDF back to their secure folder. Please note that it’s important that access to each of your client’s folders should not be shared, even among family members.

We want to you know that we are committed to ensuring the security and integrity of your customers’ data. Please ensure that your clients consent to using any form of electronic authentication.

Know that our teams are working hard to deliver additional electronic authorization solutions in conjunction with the CRA. Please stay tuned….we will be updating you shortly.

*this masking functionality will be available in an upcoming ProFile release.