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Resolved: Email rejection notice after transmitting a T5 slip in ProFile 2019.2.0

Update: the issue is resolved in the new 2019.2.5 release for 2019 T5 slips. 2018 t5 slips to be fixed in 2019.3.0 targeted for mid February

Note: Before filing T5 slips with 2019.2.5, you must:

1. Unlock the file in ProFile by selecting File -> Properties and unchecking the "Locked" checkbox.

2. Save the file in version 2019.2.5 by selecting File-> Save or by pressing the "save" button.

3. File the return.

If the above 3 steps are not followed, the return may continue to be rejected even if using ProFile version 2019.2.5.


ProFile users receive an email rejection notice after a T5 slip is transmitted to CRA using ProFile version 2019.2.0.

The email notice reads: “We are unable to process your submission because it does not conform to our specifications….”